Advisory Council & Workgroups

The Governor's KanCare Advisory Council was formed in March 2012 to provide the Administration with ongoing insight and recommendations on the implementation of KanCare. The Council meets quarterly. Additionally, the Council has invited other KanCare stakeholders to serve as members of two External Stakeholder Workgroups, which are detailed in the sections below.


Advisory Council

  • Susan Concannon, Beloit, Kansas House of Representatives
  • Jerry Henry, Cummings, Kansas House of Representatives
  • Walt Hill, Hays, representing mental health care providers
  • Mark Hinde, Garden City, representing CDDOs
  • Michael Kennedy, M.D., Kansas City, representing physicians and hospitals
  • Lora Key, Sabetha, representing hospitals
  • Larry Martin, Valley Falls, representing senior members
  • Edward Nicholas, Overland Park, representing members
  • Mary Pilcher-Cook, Shawnee, Kansas Senate
  • Jamie Price, Lawrence, representing the developmentally disabled community
  • Allen Schmidt, Hays, former Kansas Senator
  • Njeri Shomari, Lawrence, representing members
  • Beth Simpson, Lawrence, representing pharmacists

Advisory Council Meeting Minutes

The next KanCare Advisory Council meeting will be held on December 1, 2016  from 2:00-4:00pm at Memorial Hall Auditorium, 120 SW 10th Ave, Topeka, KS.

•  March 31, 2016 •  November 20, 2015

•  June 25, 2015

•  April 2, 2015
•  December 15, 2014

•  September 25,2014

•  June 11, 2014

•  March 26, 2014
•  December 18, 2013

•  May 14, 2013

•  March 12, 2013

•  January 8, 2013
•  November 13, 2012

•  September 17, 2012

•  July 9, 2012

•  May 21, 2012

•  March 29, 2012

Consumer and Specialized Issues (CSI) and Provider and Operational Issues (POI) Work Groups Formed

Two workgroups were formed to help guide the KanCare program.

Some of the issues they addressed include:
          Looking at information for people served by KanCare
          Sharing ideas for improving KanCare
          Helping resolve issues that may come up about KanCare

Meeting minutes are available on this webpage.

CSI Work Group:
The first work group is called the Consumer and Specialized Issues (CSI) Work Group.  This work group meets quarterly. The majority of the membership is made up of consumers who receive KanCare services or family members of KanCare consumers.   For more information about the CSI work group, please see this charter document and list of CSI work group members.

Meeting Dates and Minutes:

  •  September 29, 2015
    • Meeting was Canceled

POI Work Group:
The second group was called the Provider Operations Issues (POI) Work Group.  This workgroup has disbanded in favor of short term, targeted workshops. The majority of the POI membership was made up of providers of KanCare services. For more information about the POI work group, please see this charter document and list of POI work group members.

Meeting Dates and Minutes:


KanCare External Stakeholder Workgroups

There were four external stakeholder workgroups associated with the implementation of KanCare. Each workgroup had well-rounded representation from constituency groups and at least one KanCare Advisory Council member. These workgroups collaborated with representatives from the KanCare Interagency Implementation Team to address issues impacting Medicaid beneficiaries and providers in Kansas.

The KanCare Workgroups were separated into four focus areas, with the minutes from their meetings posted within the respective links below:

These workgroups have completed their work, and the POI and CSI work groups now address ongoing issues and recommendations related to the KanCare program.