Additional Consumers Information


Your Rights and Responsibilities

You have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect
  • Receive information about KanCare benefits
  • Choose your primary provider within limits of the plan
  • Make decisions about your healthcare
  • Voice concerns about your provider or services
  • Appeal any denials from the program
  • Ask if a service is covered before receiving it by calling your KanCare provider

You have the responsibility to:

  • Show your KanCare card each time you get medical care
  • Make and keep appointments; cancel if you can’t make it
  • Follow the advice of providers
  • Tell your caseworker if you have changes
  • Pay for services you get that are not covered KanCare.
  • Ask if a service or procedure is covered
  • Show respect to providers
  • Read all information given to you
  • Ask questions if you don't understand
  • Use services appropriately; use the emergency room for true emergencies only

Fact Sheets

Your KanCare Card

Members in KanCare get an ID card from their KanCare provider.

Important tips to know about your KanCare card:

  • Your card does not guarantee coverage. Eligibility can change often. Even though you have a card, your coverage may have stopped.
  • Show the card to your provider when you get medical services and medicine. They will use the information on the card to check on your coverage. They can see if you have coverage.
  • The provider may be able to tell you if your card will cover a service. You should also contact your KanCare plan to find out if your card will cover the service.

Some people won’t get a KanCare Card

  • Some people are not enrolled in KanCare. These people will not receive a KanCare card. You will be notified about benefits rather than receiving a card.
  • People who only get help with Medicare premiums will get benefits through Medicare and Social Security. A KanCare card is not needed.
  • People on the TB or SOBRA programs get limited coverage. You will be told of the special services that are covered.

Foster Care

Helpful Numbers