KanCare Health Plan Information

The State has selected three health plans, or managed care organizations (MCOs), to provide services to Medicaid consumers in the KanCare program.  More information about each plan and how to contact them is below.

Amerigroup Kansas, Inc. (Amerigroup)

Phone:          1-877-434-7579
Website:        https://providers.amerigroup.com/pages/ks.aspx
E-mail:          ks1provrel@amerigroup.com
Interpretation Services Information: Page 107 https://providers.amerigroup.com/ProviderDocuments/KSKS_Prov_Manual.pdf

Sunflower Health Plan (Sunflower)

Phone:          1-877-644-4623
Website:        http://www.sunflowerhealthplan.com

For more information about Sunflower Health Plan, visit the website or email SunflowerStateHealth@centene.com.
Interpretation Services Information: Call our Customer Service Department to arrange for an interpreter, 1-877-644-4623.

UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Kansas (United)

Phone:          1-877-542-9235
Website:        http://www.uhccommunityplan.com/health-professionals/KS/provider-information

For questions about nursing facility and home/community based care, please email United at: 

For all other providers, please email United at:   
Interpretation Services Information: Page 7 http://www.uhccommunityplan.com/content/dam/communityplan/plandocuments/handbook/en/KS-MemberHandbook.pdf

KanCare Health Plans' Subcontractors

The KanCare health plans partner with subcontracted organizations to help in providing certain sets of services. The table below includes information about which organizations are working with the KanCare health plans.





Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)

Express Scripts
Phone: 1-855-201-7170
Fax: 1-800-601-4829

Envolve Pharmacy Solutions, Inc.


Jennifer Murff

Behavioral Health

Amerigroup will not use a behavioral health subcontractor


Optum Behavioral Health (also known as UnitedHealthcare Behavioral Health)
Please call Member Services at (877) 542-9238.

Dental Services

Scion Dental

Envolve Dental, Inc.

Scion Dental
providerservices@sciondental.com |

Vision Services

Ocular Benefits

Envolve Vision, Inc.

Envolve Vision, Inc.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Toll Free at 1-855-345-6943

Reservations/Ride Assist/Meals & Lodging: 877-644-4623
Facility fax number: 866-697-0497
Hearing Impaired (TTY): 1-866-288-3133

Call LogistiCare at 1-877-796-5847 Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.   Members may also schedule rides on the LogistiCare website: https://member.logisticare.com


Extra Services

KanCare health plans are required to offer all the same Medicaid services to beneficiaries that were offered prior to the start of KanCare. Additionally, each of the health plans offer some extra (value-added) services to consumers at no cost to the State. Providers who supply these services to consumers can contact each of the KanCare plans with specific questions. A list of all the value-added services offered by KanCare plans is shown in the table below.




Dental care for people 21 and over:

  • Two free exams (cleaning and scaling) per year
  • Free teeth whitening for certain conditions

Dental visits for adults -- 2 routine dental check-ups per year

Adult dental services will be a benefit. People over 21 can get an exam, x-ray and teeth cleaning.

Members can earn between $10 and $50 in debit card credits each time they get certain health checkups and screenings

Members can earn rewards on our CentAccount debit card when they get health checkups and screenings.  Members can get $20 for the first health screening and $20 a year for annual checkups. 

Adults can earn between $5 and $15 in gift cards to help them become and stay healthy. They can earn the gift cards by going to health screenings and check-ups.

We help certain members get free cell phones through SafeLink® and up to 250 minutes of service each month plus:

  • 200 bonus minutes when you agree to get texts from us
  • Wellness texts and reminders to renew your benefits on time
  • Unlimited minutes to call our Member Services line

SafeLink® and Connections Plus are programs that provide a free cell phone to members. SafeLink® provides up to 250 free minutes of service per month, with free calls to and from Sunflower State Health Plan. Members will be able to have telephone access to their health care providers.

Some members will receive a cell phone to help them keep in touch with their doctors and Care Coordinator. We also have Smartphone applications to help members keep track of their medical appointments.

Taking Care of Baby and Me® prenatal and postnatal program with health resources, coaching, a special self-care book and more debit card credits

Start Smart for Your Baby- This program gives support and education for moms, babies and families. The program includes the services below. There is no cost to member.

  • Start Smart home visits for new mothers.
  • Start Smart baby showers for pregnant mothers.
  • Start Smart birthday programs for children.

Baby Blocks is a program to help those that are pregnant. Baby Blocks uses online tools so new moms can track their appointments. If they go to all of their appointments they can earn gifts for themselves or their baby.

Free programs for adults to:

  • Stop smoking
  • Lose weight
  • Get a GED
  • Improve relationships

and free healthy living coaching for preteens

Community Programs for Healthy Children: Sunflower offers free services, such as membership fees to Boys & Girls Clubs  and  Brownie Badge Programs to promote healthy lifestyles for kids 

We have great Sesame Street programs. Learn from Sesame Street friends about going to the doctor for check-ups. Learn about asthma and lead tests. We have help for families to teach them how to eat better without much cost. We also send Sesame Street and Dr. Health E. Hound birthday cards for all kids.

Extra over-the-counter medicines through mail order for all waiver groups and members receiving SSI

$120 annually ($10 monthly) towards the purchase of over-the-counter products

We can send someone with members with a developmental disability or mental illness for support at doctor visits.
We also have practice visits to OB/GYNs and dentists for members with a developmental disability so members are more comfortable with preventive care visits

Our adult members can go to free Weight Watchers classes. You can also earn workout gear for finishing the program.

Free rides to community health events and free caregiver transportation to doctor visits for all waiver groups and members receiving SSI

Peer and family support services for members with mental illness or disabilities to help them live in their community

Kids age 10 to 17 who are watching their weight can earn a $50 gift card. They earn the gift card by finishing a healthy weight program. The family also helps them to develop a healthy lifestyle.

Career development help and money to buy professional clothes for job interviews

Healthy Schools & Adopt-A-School Program: Sunflower provides hands-on education and outreach to local community schools

We will give all children the chance to join a youth organization. This can be a group like the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs and 4-H.

Free in-home pest control for all waiver groups and members receiving SSI (excludes members residing in ICF/MR, assisted living and nursing facilities, group homes, or similar settings)

Pet therapy visits are offered. Members must be in an assisted living or nursing facility for this. Members on an HCBS waiver also have the chance to qualify for this visit.

We will provide more vision services. The services will include a better choice of eyeglass frames. It also includes replacement if your glasses are lost or stolen. Some members could get contact lenses.

Respite care for caregivers of Frail Elderly waiver members and extra respite care for members of Autism, Developmental Disability and Serious Emotional Disturbance waiver groups (excludes members living alone or residing in ICF/MR, assisted living and nursing facilities, group homes, or similar settings)

In-home telemonitoring is available. It helps members to be more independent. This is offered to those that are aged, blind, and/or disabled.

Members can get more foot doctor visits. They need to be over 21 and get approval from their Care Coordinator. This could include up to two visits per year.