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KanCare Ombudsman Resources

  1. Who Should I Call - Consumers: Three-page information sheet with important KanCare and related agency contact numbers.
  2. KDHE Facts Sheets
  3. Assistance for Those Without Insurance or High Spend Down: Medical, Prescription, Vision and Dental -- Clinics in Kansas that take low income patients based on eligibility and a sliding scale. It also includes pharmacy assistance.
  4. KanCare Grievances Process
  5. KanCare Appeal and Hearing Process
  6. Eligibility and Renewal Grievance Process
  7. Eligibility and Renewal Hearing Process
  8. KCDC Disability Services Maps 2018
  9. Children and Families Applications (scroll to bottom of web page)
  10. Elderly and Disabled Applications (scroll to bottom of web page)
  11. Medicare Savings Program Application (scroll to bottom of web page)
  12. Application Assistance: see 4 documents in table below
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Application ChecklistPDF341.11 KB16 Mar, 2017 Download
Documentation Checklist for KanCare ApplicationsPDF652.46 KB16 Aug, 2017 Download

Additional Resources

  1. Understanding Long Term Care Thank you to Prescott Country View, Prescott, KS for sharing this valuable document
  2. KanCare Clearinghouse Voicemail Menu
  3. FAQ Good Cause Reasons to Change Your Plan
  4. Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) provides oversight for a system of community based supports and services for persons in Kansas with disabilities
  5. How to Apply for Medicare
  6. Consumer Access Guide to HCBS Services in Kansas


  1. Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information: for organizations, providers and persons using Medicaid

  2. Medical Representative Authorization: for individual and persons using Medicaid; include DPOA information if you have it, but it is not necessary

  3. Authorized Representative Designation Form: for Appeals, Hearings and Grievances

  4. Third Party Liability Insurance Update