KanCare: Reinventing Medicaid for Kansas

Policies & Reports

Readiness Activities

Issues Log

The State of Kansas has created a log to track implementation issues and their resolution. The global Issues Log, titled ‘KanCare Open Claims Resolution Log’ can be found here https://www.kmap-state-ks.us/Public/KanCare/Kancare.asp.  Please click on the submit button next to ‘view entire listing’.  The latest KanCare Open Claims Resolution Log will be near the top of the bulletin listing.

In addition to this KanCare Open Claims Resolution Log, Sunflower and UnitedHealthcare maintain an MCO-specific issues log on their respective websites.  Amerigroup global issues are found in the KanCare Open Claims Resolution Log (instructions above).

Implementation Activities

In preparation for the transition to KanCare, the State of Kansas is preparing a series of Implementation Activities reports for CMS and will post them here as they are submitted. The State is also working with CMS to amend existing 1915(c) waivers to incorporate them into KanCare. Those drafts will also be posted here and will demonstrate critical beneficiary protections built into the transition.

MCO Readiness Review Process

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment contracted with Mercer Government Human Services Consulting to work with the State to assess the readiness level of the three selected KanCare companies – United Healthcare, Amerigroup and Sunflower State Health Plan (Centene). The readiness reviews consisted of a document request and desk audit followed by an onsite visit for each MCO. Click here to access a Summary of the Readiness Review Process.

Network Adequacy Reporting

The health plans (KanCare companies) are required to meet certain Geo-Access Requirements in achieving network adequacy. Click here to access the Required Geo-Access Standards.

The State works with its External Quality Review Organization to review and summarize reports submitted by the plans. Click here to see an updated summary and comparison of physical and behavioral health network as of September 3, 2013 (submitted September 11th ) by major provider type. Here is a report of HCBS service providers by county with each MCO (updated; includes number of counties in which two or more providers of each service are available). The MCOs are continuing to build their networks and are required to have mitigation strategies to ensure access for all Medicaid beneficiaries

You can also search the plans’ online provider directories for specific providers.