Volunteer Recognition

Meet Our Team

Volunteers are the heart of the KanCare Ombudsman program. Since the inception of the volunteer program in 2015 our volunteers assisted thousands of Kansans with questions ranging from where to send a Medicaid application, to the reason a consumer's services may have changed. The work our volunteers do is extremely valuable to the KanCare Ombudsman Office, and we would like to recognize them all for their unique service and dedication to our mission to help break the cycle of poverty through improving the quality of life and access to services for Medicaid eligible Kansans.

Highlighing a Volunteer

By helping KanCare members, our volunteers are making a difference in the lives of people who need answers to questions, who need a listening ear, and who need a resource. Thanks to them, an answer is readily available with a friendly voice and someone who wants to help. Thank you for your commitment to supporting KanCare members in resolving problems regarding services, coverage, access and rights. We appreciate you!

Carol's Headshot

Carol was born in Brooklyn, New York. She lived on the East Coast until attending college in Illinois. Carol met her husband while in College. They were to later move to Kansas where her husband attended medical school at the University of Kansas. Carol graduated with a nursing degree working until her second daughter was born. Carol raised her 4 girls, returning to seminary school approximately 20 years later and became a pastor. Her hobbies include reading and knitting; making preemie hats she shares with the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Wesley Medical Center. Carol loves to travel, she enjoys gardening at home, as well as her church. She shared that her church has a community garden, and vegetables are shared with local food banks. Carol has been a Ombudsman Volunteer since November 2015.

Volunteer Benchmarks

One Year

1 Volunteers - Johnson County Office 
1 Volunteers - Wichita Office

Two Years

 2 Volunteers- Johnson County Office
1 Volunteer - Wichita Office

Three Years


Four Years


Five + Years