Apply for KanCare


If you do not currently have coverage for KanCare, you can apply online. To apply for medical coverage, you must complete and submit an application. Use the guide below to get an application for you and your family.

Individuals with disabilities and the frail elderly applying for KanCare who believe they may qualify to receive long-term services and supports, Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS), make sure you check the box on the application that asks "Does this person need help with nursing home costs or in-home care?"

The application provides a large amount of detail on how to apply for the Medicaid waiver in-home services, which allows people to remain in their homes and communities, as well as for medical care. You can download and print an application if you go to the link on this page:

If you are unsure which application to use, call toll-free at: 800-792-4884

For Elderly & Persons With Disabilities

  • Elderly
  • Adults with Disabilities
  • Children with Disabilities

To apply online visit the Medical Consumer Self-Service portal

To request and application, call: 800-792-4884

Fax applications to: 844-264-6285

For Families & Children

  • Children
  • Pregnant Women
  • Families with Children

To apply online visit the Medical Consumer Self-Service portal

To request and application, call: 800-792-4884

Fax applications to: 800-498-1255

Applications & Additional Information for Families & Children

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
KC-1100-FM App 6-21PDF1.07 MB12 Jul, 2021 Download
KC-1100s Families with Children Medical Application 6-21_SPPDF715.49 KB19 Aug, 2021 Download
KC-1105-SUPP App 6-21PDF811.76 KB12 Jul, 2021 Download
KC-1105s-SUPP App 6-21_SPPDF622.89 KB12 Jul, 2021 Download
KC-2110 Helpful Hints CardPDF147.66 KB25 Mar, 2021 Download
KC-2110S Asistencia Médica para Familieas con NinosPDF154.10 KB25 Mar, 2021 Download
KC-2100- Families with Children brochurePDF508.63 KB19 Aug, 2021 Download
KC-2100S- Asistencia Médica para Familias con NiñosPDF2.85 MB12 Jul, 2021 Download

Applications & Additional Information for Elderly & Person with Disabilities

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
KC-1500-ED App 6-21PDF1.08 MB12 Jul, 2021 Download
KC-1500s - Elderly and Disabled Medical Application 6-21PDF721.01 KB19 Aug, 2021 Download
KC2500 - Elderly and Persons with Disabilities BrochurePDF3.02 MB02 Nov, 2016 Download
KC2500S - Elderly and Persons with Disabilities Brochure - En EspanolPDF3.02 MB02 Nov, 2016 Download
KC-2510 ED Helpful Hints_6-21PDF111.30 KB12 Jul, 2021 Download
KC-2510S Consejos útiles de EDPDF161.51 KB12 Jul, 2021 Download

Medicare Savings Applications

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
ES-3100.8 -Medicare Savings Program Application - 08-13PDF189.83 KB08 Feb, 2018 Download
ES-3100.8 S-Solicitud / Renovación Planes de Ahorro Medicare - 8-13PDF114.63 KB02 Feb, 2018 Download
KC-2700 Medicare Savings Program BrochurePDF387.40 KB18 Mar, 2020 Download
KC-2700S- Programas de ahorro de Medicare (MSP)PDF345.71 KB18 Mar, 2020 Download

VIDEO - Guides for Nursing Facility & SED Waiver Member Applications

Click here for "How-To" videos on filling out online applications.