Health Plan Information

The State has selected three health plans, or managed care organizations (MCOs), to provide services to Medicaid consumers in the KanCare program.  More information about each plan and how to contact them is below.

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  • Interpretation Services Information:
    Call our Customer Service Department to arrange
    for an interpreter, 1-877-644-4623.




The KanCare health plans partner with subcontracted organizations to help in providing certain sets of services. The table below includes information about which organizations are working with the KanCare health plans.

Vision Services

Dental Services

Behavioral Health

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Amerigroup will not use a behavioral health subcontractor.

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    • United Health Care minilogo

      Optum Behavioral Health (also known as UnitedHealthcare Behavioral Health)
      Please call Member Services at (877) 542-9238

Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM)

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Toll Free at 1-855-345-6943

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Reservations/Ride Assist/Meals & Lodging: 877-644-4623
      Facility fax number: 866-697-0497
      Hearing Impaired (TTY): 1-866-288-3133

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Call LogistiCare at 1-877-796-5847 Monday-Friday between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.
      Members may also schedule rides on the LogistiCare website:

Health Plan Highlights 2018

KanCare health plans are required to offer all the same Medicaid services to beneficiaries that were offered prior to the start of KanCare. Additionally, each of the health plans offer some extra (value-added) services to consumers at no cost to the State. Providers who supply these services to consumers can contact each of the KanCare plans with specific questions. A list of all the value-added services offered by KanCare plans is shown in Benefits & Services.


    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Preventive dental care for members 21 and older, including:

      • Two free cleanings per year
      • Free scaling and polishing procedures

      Children get dental care as part of their regular Medicaid benefits.

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      One dental visit for adults 21 and older every six months. Children receive regular benefits on most dental services.

      We provide practice visits to dentists for members with developmental disabilities and children on the autism waiver to help them become more comfortable with dental preventive care visits.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Any member over age 21 can visit a participating dental provider once a year for a screening and cleaning, which includes scaling and polishing teeth. Dentist will provide one x-ray per year.

      FE members may be eligible to receive dentures at no cost.

Healthy Rewards

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Healthy Rewards program where members can earn $10, $15, or $25 on your Amerigroup debit card when you get:

      • Maternal health checkups
      • Well-child checkups
      • Well-woman exams
      • Flu Shots
      • Diabetic screenings
      • Refills of medication used to treat schizophrenia or asthma

      Use your debit card to buy hundreds of items, like:

      • Over-the-counter medicines
      • Baby and kid care products
      • Dental care
      • Nutritional foods
      • Home health care items
      • Adult briefs
      • And more

      Debit cards are good to use at select Walmart, Dollar General and Family Dollar stores.


    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Healthy Rewards Program: Members can earn between $5 - $50 in healthy rewards or a combination of rewards on a CentAccount card for receiving healthy checkups. These rewards can be used to buy from hundreds of items like groceries, baby formula, and over the counter cough/cold medicine from participating retail stores.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Members can earn rewards through UnitedHealthCare’s Community Rewards program, by tracking healthy activities using an online tool or smart phone. Earn points to get merchandise and reward cards.

Prenatal / Well-Baby

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Taking Care of Baby and Me® program for pregnant women and new moms to support healthy pregnancies and healthy babies. The program includes:

      • Support, and coaching from a case manager
      • Local health resources
      • A self-care book to study and take notes during your pregnancy
      • My Advocate™ program – maternal health education by phone, texts and smartphone app
      • Text4Baby program

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Start Smart for Your Baby® - Support, education and gifts for moms, babies, and families. The program includes the services below. There is no cost to member.

      • In-home help with healthcare and social service benefits
      • Baby showers for pregnant members. At these events, members are given diapers, the Baby Fuel book and other gifts and health material
      • Birthday programs for children

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Pregnant members will get the “Baby Basics” book.

      Pregnant members can join Baby Blocks program. Get a $20 gift card or a cool diaper bag for joining. Earn seven more rewards for staying with the program until your baby is 15 months old.

      Sponsored community baby shower events for pregnant and new mothers. Moms learn about health and wellness for themselves and their babies.

      Pregnant members can get OFF brand Bug Spray to help protect against mosquitos.

Smoking Cessation

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Personalized stop-smoking program, for members 18 and older that includes:

      • Support and coaching services
      • Unlimited calls to a health coach for tips and advice
      • Help understanding the nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products available through KanCare

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Members can participate in a smoking cessation program offered through Healthy Solutions for Life. (Nicotine replacement therapy is a regular benefit when prescribed by your doctor.)

Weight Loss

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Weight Watchers voucher that pays for members’ initiation fees, plus four weeks of meetings.

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Weight management program through Healthy Solutions for Life.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Adults can obtain membership in the Weight Watchers program to help them lose weight. The program is good for local meetings and cannot be used for online services.

Health Management / Online Health

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Choose Health program serves members with chronic health conditions. The program helps members determine how emotions can impact their condition (i.e. stress, poor sleep, and change in appetite). As a part of the program, participants are assigned a Choose Health Coach who works with the entire health care team to ensure members have everything they need to feel their best.

      Disease management for members with asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure through Healthy Solutions for Life Program. Members can enroll in any of these programs.
      In-home tele-health available for adults. This service helps members stay at home when they need help to manage their chronic conditions.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Members can download Health4Me app on their smartphone. This app can help members manage their health.

      Members, or those responsible for members, can access online to help access health history, educate members on working with their doctor, and track doctor visits.
      Members 20 and under can useKidsHealth. This is an online/mobile site that provides videos and articles on health topics. The site aims to help members manage their health conditions.

    • Amerigroup Mobile app helps you manage your health from your smart phone.

Kids' Health

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Our Healthy Families program helps families with children ages 7-13 who are overweight or obese (or at risk) live healthier lives. Includes:

      • A health coach you can call to get tips and advice
      • Materials to help your family learn about wellness and healthy living
      • Referrals to local nutrition classes for 6-8 weeks (where available)


      $50 toward Boys & Girls Club membership (at any participating club), for members ages 5-18.

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      MyStrength online program offers eLearning to help members overcome depression and anxiety. This online program includes simple tools, weekly exercises, mood trackers and daily inspirational quotes and videos. The program can be used on its own or with other care.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Youth members up to 18 will have access to great youth programs such as the YMCA, Boys and Girls Clubs, and 4-H and selected Parks and Recreation Departments.

      Families with children age 2 to 8 can participate in the Sesame Street “Food for Thought” program. The program is where families can learn about how to eat healthy on a budget from Sesame Street characters.

Community Memberships

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Free yearly Boys & Girls Club membership (at a participating clubs), for members ages 5-18.

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Community Programs for Children: Free services and events to promote healthy lifestyles for kids, such as membership fees to Boys & Girls Clubs and the Adopt- a-School Program.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Adults on the FE or PD waiver can get access to one activity per member per year with their selected local Parks and Recreation offices.

Incontinence Supplies

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Eligible members on the Frail Elderly waiver receive adult incontinence supplies up to $100 per year.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      PD and FE waiver members can receive up to two boxes of adult briefs to assist with their everyday comfort.

Supplemental Transportation

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Extra transportation benefits, including free rides for members to get to:

      • community health events
      • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) appointments
      • Prenatal Classes
      • Job Interviews

      *Certain limits apply.  This benefit is for extra rides on top of what KanCare covers. (rides to doctor appointments are included in your KanCare benefits)

      Free rides for caregivers to member' (medicaid-covered) appointments-available to caregivers of members in waiver groups adn certain members on SSI. You can get a ride through KanCare. We'll make sure your caregiver gets there too.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Six one-way or three round-trip rides annually for certain waiver members and some members receiving behavioral health support services, to job interviews, job training and for rides to jobs.

Additional Care

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Up to 16 hours of hospital companionship for persons on the Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) and Frail Elderly waivers.

      Up to 16 hours of respite care for persons on the I/DD waiting list, persons on the Frail Elderly waiver and children adopted from Foster Care.

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      15 Extra days of overnight respite care for Intellectual or Developmental Disability (I/DD) waiver members*. (Respite care lets your caregiver or personal attendant take a vacation.)

      3 extra days of personal care services for Intellectual or Developmental Disability waiver members.

      24 Hours or respite care per year for members in the Autism waiver group

      56 Hours of respite care for Frail Elderly waiver members.

      *This benefit is extra respite care on top of what KanCare covers.  it is not for members living alone or residing in ICF/IDD, assisted living and nursing facilities, group homes, or similar settings.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Respite Care for I/DD waiver members receiving supported home care or home based services. Up to 40 hours of respite care.

Cell Phones

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      A free smart phone with free minutes, data and unlimited text messages.  You can also sign up for free health texts, like:

      • appointment reminders
      • nutrition and fun facts
      • weight loss tips

      *coverage may not be available in certain remote service areas.

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      Free cell phone through our Connections Plus program or through SafeLink®, which provides up to 250 free minutes of service per month. This includes unlimited texting and free calls to and from Sunflower Health Plan. Members will be able to have telephone access to their KanCare providers.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Member Advocates can help members who qualify get free Federal Lifeline cell phones. Members can get up to 350 free minutes of service a month. Benefit includes:

      • Free Cell Phone with unlimited nationwide text messages
      • up to 500 MB of 3G Data per month

      Coverage may not be offered in certain remote service areas.

Supplemental Vision

    • United Health Care minilogo

      We offer members who need glasses an enhanced benefit of higher quality lenses beyond what Medicaid covers to help members maintain their vision and improve their self- esteem.

Asthma Care

    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Pest control services for members in waiver groups and certain members receiving SSI. Up to $500 for four treatments per calendar year (whichever is met first). Members must own their homes to get these services (excludes members living in ICF/IDD, assisted living and nursing facilities, group homes or similar settings).

      Free air purifier with a permanent filter to help reduce allergens in your home. To get this benefit, members must be diagnosed with allergies, asthma or chronic respiratory or pulmonary conditions and get an order from their doctor.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Pest control treatments for HCBS members who own their home. Services must be set up through Care Coordinator.

      The child member with asthma is sent information presented by Sesame Street characters that teaches them how to deal with asthma. Children 1 to 4 will receive the "A is for Asthma" newsletter.

Podiatry (Foot Care)

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Members ages 21 and older can get up to two podiatry visits each year.

    • Four podiatry visits each year for members ages 21 and older who have diabetic neuropathy or peripheral vascular disease.

Mental Health Supports

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      MyStrength online program offers eLearning to help members overcome depression and anxiety. This online program includes simple tools, weekly exercises, mood trackers and daily inspirational quotes and videos. The program can be used on its own or with other care.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Mental Health First Aid Program is an interactive course designed to mimic regular first aid training. It teaches the general public how to identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental health and substance use disorders.

      Members coming out of the hospital for a behavioral health need can join the Peer Coaches Program. This program can link the member to community resources to avoid going back into the hospital.

    • Grief support groups for members who may need help during times of loss. *If a local CMHC is not available, we’ll work with the member to find help through a local church, hospital or hospice organization.


    • Amerigroup minilogo

      Over the Counter drug benefit for members in waiver groups and certain members on SSI.
      We give you $10 every month ($120 per year) to order OTC items. Our catalog includes over 400 products. members may order online or by phone, and we deliver to your home.

      Pest control services for members in waiver groups and certain members receiving SSI. Up to $500 for four treatments per calendar year (whichever is met first). Members must own their homes to get these services (excludes members living in ICF/IDD, assisted living and nursing facilities, group homes or similar settings).

      Step Up Challenge — Members get a free pedometer to track their personal 21-day walk challenge. Plus earn reward points for completing the challenge.

    • Sunflower Health Care minilogo

      The MemberConnections Program has community-based staff to provide in-home member visits to assist with scheduling healthcare appointments and transportation as well as paperwork for benefits and local services.

      A Comprehensive Medication Review with a local pharmacist is available to eligible members. The review includes a 30 minute Face-to-Face consultation with a local pharmacist.
      We provide members on the I/DD waiting list with a care attendant for medical appointments if needed.
      Members can receive produce vouchers worth $10 at special events with participating Farmers Markets.

    • United Health Care minilogo

      Adult members on the PD, FE and I/DD waivers can pick one free item from catalog per year. Items are for home safety or other support. The care coordinator will assist with order.

      FE members will be mailed a wellness calendar at the beginning of each year to track their doctor appointments, medications timeline, and social events.