Presumptive Eligibility

The State of Kansas Presumptive Eligibility Medicaid coverage allows health care providers to treat an individual who is not enrolled in the KanCare Medicaid program. It provides consumers with temporary medical coverage. In order to be found eligible, an individual must have an application submitted for them by a Certified PE Specialists during their stay at a Qualified Entity. Individuals will be notified immediately of their eligibility determination and must follow up their Presumptive Eligibility application with a KanCare application for full Medicaid coverage.

Presumptive Eligibility Categories

Consumers may be eligible for Medicaid under the Presumptive Eligibility program if they:

  1. Fall into one of these categories:
    • Pregnant Women over the age of 19.
    • Infants and Children under the age of 19.
    • Parents and Other Caretaker Relatives over 19 that reside with a minor child.
    • Former Kansas Foster Care Children ages 18-26 who were in Kansas foster care at the time of their 18th birthday.
    • Breast or Cervical Cancer patients who are currently receiving treatment.
  2. Are a resident of Kansas
  3. Are a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen
  4. Meet certain income guidelines

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