KanCare Ombudsman Office Survey

KanCare Ombudsman Office Survey

The KanCare Ombudsman Office helps Medicaid members and applicants with problems regarding their services, coverage, access and rights (for example: answering questions, resolving issues, understanding letters from KanCare, etc.)

The KanCare Ombudsman Office Survey is used to find out what our stakeholders think about how we are doing our job, so we can make improvements. (Note: stakeholders include members, applicants, providers and others.)  The survey is available to the public during October annually.  The results of the survey are included with the 2022 KanCare Ombudsman Annual Report and are posted on this page under Survey Results.  

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    The KanCare Ombudsman Office has annual listening sessions.  The first survey was October 2021.  The purpose of the surveys is to:

    • Share information about the KanCare Ombudsman Office
    • Ask stakeholders questions about how the office is doing (Note: stakeholders include members, applicants, providers and other stakeholders).
    2021 Survey is available in the 2021 KanCare Ombudsman Annual Report: Appendix A, page 29.  

    2022 Survey Summary with key comments

    2022 Summary with all comments