Benefits & Services

KanCare offers basic medical services for all eligible members. Some of the services in KanCare include:
  • Doctor’s office visits
  • Vaccines and check-ups
  • Hospital services
  • Blood work and lab services
  • Pharmacy and prescription drugs
  • Eye doctor visits
  • Behavioral health services
  • Dental care for children
  • Dental care for adults (periodontal care, silver diamine fluoride treatments and some restorative procedures)
  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Home and community based services.
  • Nursing facility services
  • Heart and lung transplants for adults
  • Weight-loss surgery
  • Value-added services (each of the 3 managed care companies offer their own special benefits for joining)
  • More...

Transition of Care

If you currently have a doctor you would like to continue seeing, you may want to consider checking with the three health plans below to see if your doctor accepts that plan’s coverage.

CLICK ON AN IMAGE BELOW TO LEARN MORE. As a KanCare member you will select a plan with one of the companies listed.

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Health Plan Highlights

Look at the highlighted services below to compare additional services each plan offers. All physical, mental, and substance abuse services are the same in each MCO. The links below shows extra services you can receive in KanCare. Please contact your MCO by phone or the MCO website for additional details related to the value added services.

Selecting & Changing an MCO:
2022 Fact Sheet
Enrollment Packet Information:
2023 English/Spanish Booklet
2022 English Enrollment Booklet
2022 Spanish Enrollment Booklet
Additional Value Added Service Information:
2023 VAB English
2023 VAB Spanish
2022 VAB English
2022 VAB Spanish

Keeping Your Same Providers in KanCare

  • No.  In an emergency, go to the nearest hospital emergency room.  All hospitals with emergency rooms will see anyone in an emergency situation.
  • The health plan will check to make sure another special doctor is in their network first.  If there is not, they will help you see the doctor you need.  As long as the health plan approves you seeing the special doctor, you will not pay anything.
  • No.
  • Yes, they might.  We want doctors and others to sign up with all three health plans.  If your providers are not in network, some of those providers could be paid 90% of the approved KanCare rates.
  • No
  • You should choose a MCO that your providers, including your nursing home accept.