Choosing a KanCare Health Plan

2023 Member Open Enrollment

Enrollment packets for members having a January Open Enrollment date will be mailed in October 2022.  The January Open enrollment period will be open until 3/5/2023.  For members with later Open Enrollment periods letters will be mailed in the months following.  All packets will contain a letter telling you what Managed Care Organization (MCO) you are enrolled in.  You can choose to change to a different MCO or choose to stay with the one you have now, it is your choice.  If you want to change to a different MCO, return the form in your packet, call 1-866-305-5147 or enroll online at

Selecting & Changing an MCO:
2022 Fact Sheet
Enrollment Packet Information:
2023 English/Spanish Booklet
2022 English Enrollment Booklet
2022 Spanish Enrollment Booklet
Additional Value Added Service Information:
2023 VAB English
2023 VAB Spanish
2022 VAB English
2022 VAB Spanish

Health Plan Quality Information

Three Ways to Enroll

Call the Enrollment Center

866-305-5147 or
TDD / TTY: 800-766-3777


Complete the enrollment form and return it in the envelope enclosed in the packet

Things to Know

  1. Make a list of your providers. These are your doctors, hospital, pharmacy, in home service providers, and any other providers you see. Check to make sure the providers you use for all services are signed up with the plan you choose.
  2. You must have active eligibility to stay enrolled with the plan each month. 
  3. You will be able to change your plan one time each year.  You will be told when you can make a change.

Health Plan Options

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