Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

EVV General FAQs

  • Can a provider agency opt out of EVV?

  • What is required of a provider agency using EVV?

  • Is EVV required for services in both the home and in the community?

  • What is EVV and why is it being implemented?

  • Is there a deadline for when a provider agency must choose between the State EVV solution or a provider choice system?

  • Which services require EVV?

  • Is there a cost associated with EVV for agencies?

  • Is the EVV system tracking me at all times?

  • Do I have to use EVV if I self-direct my services? Who is responsible for training me and my caregiver(s) on EVV if I self-direct my services?

Third-Party EVV Vendor Questions

Third-Party Questions

Questions About EVV Communication

EVV Communications Questions

  • How can I ask questions and offer feedback?

  • How will I be informed about EVV?