Approaches to OneCare Kansas

OneCare Kansas is the name that Kansas has given to their new health home program. There are three distinct types of health home approaches that are approved to provide health home (OneCare KS in our state) services:


  1. A designated provider: May be a physician, clinical/group practice, rural health clinic, community health center, community mental health center, home health agency, pediatrician, OB/GYN, other.

  2. A team of health professionals: May include a physician, nurse care coordinator, nutritionist, social worker, behavioral health professional (including mental health or substance use disorder providers), and can be free standing, virtual, hospitalā€based, community mental health centers, etc.

  3. A health team: Must include medical specialists, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, dieticians, social workers, behavioral health providers, chiropractors, licensed complementary and alternative medicine practitioners and physicians’ assistants


Each state chooses among these three options. Kansas has decided to use a team of health professionals (option 2) for OneCare KS.