Other Providers

The Role of Other Providers in OneCare Kansas

While a variety of providers could potentially qualify to be OneCare KS Partners (OCK Partners), some may not qualify and others may chose not to serve in this role. There are still roles for these providers, whether or not they are directly involved in a OCK member’s provision of care.

Other Providers in the state will work with OCK Partners in the following ways:

  • Participating in the development and implementation of Health Action Plans
  • Being involved in the development of discharge plans from inpatient or long-term care settings for OCK members.
  • Participating in coordination and communication activities to ensure OCK members have positive health outcomes.
  • Providing OCK materials and information to prospective OCK members.
  • Making referrals of patients to OCK.

In addition, some providers may contract with OCK Partners to:

  • Provide one or more of the 6 Core OCK services.
  • Provide training to OCK Partner staff about physical or behavioral health conditions
  • Assist OCK members in understanding and managing a chronic condition.


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